Psalm 64

The Word Made Fresh

(To the worship leader: a psalm of David.)

1Hear me, O God. Hear my complaint.
Rescue my life from the enemy I dread.
2Keep me hidden from the secret plans
and scheming of wicked people,
3whose tongues are as sharp as swords
and whose hurtful words are like arrows
4shooting out from their hiding places at the innocent.
Their attacks are sudden and fearless.
5They cling to their wicked plans
and talk of secretly laying traps.
They think no one can see them.
6They think no one will ever find them out,
that their plans are cunningly hidden
from the hearts and minds of others.
7But God will attack them and quickly strike them.
8God will ruin them because of the things they say,
and everyone who sees it will be frightened.
9Then everyone will be afraid.
They will spread the word about what God has done
and wonder over what has happened.
10But let the faithful rejoice and take shelter in the LORD.
Let all those who are good rejoice.


Superscription: the 51st of the “psalms of David.”

1-6: A number of common themes appear here: the preoccupation with enemies, real and imagined; the words of the enemy described as weapons; the enemy lies in wait to ambush the innocent; the enemy always think they are hidden from the public eye and from God’s sight as well.

7-9: God will be victorious, though, and the naysayers and liars will be overcome.

10: Therefore, those who live right have reason to trust that God will defend their cause.


The theme here, as in many of the psalms, is that God will protect and take care of those who believe and trust in the LORD. When we are threatened by things going on around us, the proper response is faith in God. God will overcome. God will provide. God will set things right – in God’s time.