Psalm 111

The Word Made Fresh

1Praise the LORD!
I will praise the LORD with wholehearted gratitude
before the gathering of all the people.
2The LORD does great things,
and all who are delighted by them study them constantly.
3The LORD’s works are honorable and majestic,
with enduring righteousness.
4Renowned by these wonderful deeds,
the LORD is gracious and merciful.
5God provides for those who are respectful,
and never forgets the agreement with the LORD’s people.
6The power of the LORD’s deeds are known by all the people,
for they have been given the heritage of nations.
7The LORD’s works are faithful and true,
and all of the LORD’s teachings are trustworthy,
8and will last forever and ever,
and will be followed faithfully.
9God sent us redemption, and God’s covenant is everlasting.
God’s name is sacred and awesome.
10Respect for the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
and all who live by it are wise.
God’s praise will endure forever.


1-10: God is praised for wonderful works: providing food, keeping covenant with the people, giving them trustworthy precepts and bringing them redemption. Those who practice “the fear of the LORD” are those who keep the covenant God has offered.


God offers us a covenant, a promise, throughout the scriptures. In the Old Testament that promise is made through the people of Israel. In the New Testament that promise is secured through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Praise the LORD!