Psalm 110

The Word Made Fresh

(A psalm of David.)

1The LORD says to my king, “Come and sit beside me,
until I subdue your enemies before you.”
2The LORD sends your strong presence out from Zion
and you will rule over your enemies.
3Your people will willingly follow you from Zion when you lead them.
When the dawn appears, you will be strengthened as in your youth.
4The LORD has made this promise, which cannot be changed:
“From now on you will be seen as a leader like Melchizedek.”
5The LORD is beside you, and kings will be defeated
on the day of God’s anger.
6God will bring judgment on the nations,
leaving them with dead bodies and heads scattered over the ground.
7The king will drink water from their streams,
and be lifted above his enemies.


Superscription: David’s 61st.

1-4: “My lord” in older translations is a reference to the king, who is given spiritual as well as temporal authority in the land. If the people are convinced that the king leads with God’s blessings they will respond to the call to arms against their enemies. Melchizedek makes only one appearance in the Bible (Genesis 14:18-20), but has a mystical quality of leadership. In the New Testament, Jesus is a “priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek” (Hebrews 5:5-10).

5-7: God is called upon to secure the victory for the king over their enemies, scattering their dead across the land.


We should give God the credit for all of our victories in life.