Psalm 91

The Word Made Fresh

1Whoever lives in God’s presence is safe.
Whoever lives even in the shadow of Almighty God
2can say, “The LORD is my protector who keeps me safe –
my God, in whom I can trust.”
3God will rescue you from the trap of the hunter
and from every threat.
4God, protects you as if you were secure under the eagle’s wings,
God is your safe place, your shield.
5You will not be afraid of night terrors,
or of arrows in the daytime,
6or the strife that strikes in the middle of the night,
or the calamity that falls at noon.
7A thousand may fall beside you,
ten thousand around you, but it will not touch you.
8All you need do is open your eyes and see
the punishment that befalls the wicked.
9And because you took shelter in the LORD
and made the Most High your home,
10no evil will come to you.
No scourge will threaten your tent.
11For God will command the angels
to be your guardians wherever you go.
12They will lift you on their hands,
and you will not so much as stub your toe on a rock.
13You will step on the lion and on the adder,
and trample them under your feet.
14“I will rescue all those who love me.
I will protect all those who call on my name.
15I will answer when they call,
and stand beside them in times of trouble.
I will save them and honor them.
16I will give them a long and satisfying life,
and demonstrate my saving power to them.”


1-6: Instead of Mt. Zion and Jerusalem, now God is “my refuge and my fortress.” God is pictured as a nurturing and protective mother hen.

7-8: Instead of bewailing the good fortunes of the wicked, now there is assurance that the wicked will be punished.

9-10: No evil will befall those who trust in God as their refuge rather than putting their hope in walls and armies. Note the mention of “your tent,” another allusion to a simpler time and a simpler lifestyle.

11-12: Christians are familiar with these verses, of course. They are quoted by the devil as part of the Temptation of Christ (Matthew 4:6).

13-16: A relationship with God is now seen as the surest way to live in peace and security.


We have the assurance that God is with us and will watch over us as long as we are faithful to God’s instructions for life. We may suffer injuries or setbacks from time to time, but God will see us through. Trust in God, the giver of life, and life will be blessed.