Psalm 85

The Word Made Fresh

(To the worship leader. A psalm of the Korahites.)

1LORD, you were a friend to our land.
You restored Jacob’s good fortunes.
2You forgave the sins of your people
and pardoned all their wrongdoings.
3You decided not to be angry
and withdrew your wrath.
4Restore us again, O God, and save us.
Set your anger against us aside.
5Are you going to be angry with us forever?
Will you keep your anger for generations yet unborn?
6Won’t you revive us once more
so that we your people may once again rejoice in you?
7Let us see your unfailing love for us, LORD,
and take action to rescue us!
8Let me hear what God the LORD has to say
because I know God will speak words of peace to us,
for God’s holy ones are turning to God with all their hearts.
9God will surely act to save everyone who is reverent,
and the glory of God’s favor will once again settle in our land.
10Unfailing love and faithfulness will come together.
Peace and righteousness will kiss,
11faithfulness will spring up from the ground
and righteousness look down from above.
12Yes, the LORD will give us only what is good,
and our land will once again produce bumper crops.
13Righteousness will lead the way
and make a path for God’s steps.


Superscription: the 9th of the 11 “psalms of the Korahites.”

1-3: The psalm opens with an account of a time in the not-too-distant past when God “restored the fortunes of Jacob.”

4-7: But apparently there has been a temporary setback. No details are given, and the situation may be a time when crops have failed (see verse 12), when drought has been extensive, when the economy has been sluggish, or when enemies have been threatening.

8-13: The psalmist expresses confidence that God will respond to the prayers of the faithful. God’s steadfast love will connect with the faithfulness of the people, and God’s righteousness (which looks down from the sky) will result in peace for the land.


The Psalms teach us a valuable lesson; that we can lay at God’s feet our prayers for help and deliverance from every concern. Take a moment to think about what’s going on in your life now, or in the life of your family or community, and give your concerns over to God. God’s response may come quickly or slowly, but you will be able to set concerns aside and get on with your day.