Psalm 70

The Word Made Fresh

(To the worship leader: of David, for a memorial.)

1Please, God, rescue me!
LORD, hurry to my side!
2Fill those who are trying to take my life with shame and confusion.
Let them be turned away and dishonored.
3Let those who laugh at me turn away because of their own shame.
4Let all those who search for you rejoice.
Let those whom you have rescued say,
“Great is the LORD,” over and over.
5I am poor and needy.
LORD, hurry to me!
You are my helper. You are my savior.
Do not delay, LORD!


Superscription: David’s 55th. Psalms 38 and 70 are the only two that mention a memorial offering, but there is nothing within the text of the psalm to give us a clue as to what should be the occasion.

1-5: Psalm 70 is the same as Psalm 40:13-17 with some minor changes in word order and phrases. It is a prayer for deliverance, one that could be used by individuals as well as in community worship. It expresses the frequently voiced prayer that enemies will be dealt with and friends (i.e., “all those who search for you”) be blessed.


Though we may never have enemies as deadly as those who threatened the throne of Israel, we can still take a lesson from this little psalm – that all the trials of life can be put in God’s hands. And, once we have done that, we should get on with life, trusting God to provide what is best.