Psalm 67

The Word Made Fresh

(For the worship leader: with stringed instruments. A psalm. A song.)

1May God be kind and generous to us.
May God’s face be turned toward us
2so that your ways upon the earth may be recognized
and your power to save known to all the nations.
3Let the people praise you, God!
Let everybody praise you!
4Let the nations lift their joyful songs of gladness,
because you judge us with fairness
and provide guidance for all of us.
5Let the people praise you, God!
Let everybody praise you!
6The ground has yielded its richness.
God, our God, has enriched us.
7May God continue to bless us –
let God be revered to the ends of the earth!


Superscription: Another “song,” this one to be accompanied by strings.

1-7: Many scholars have seen this as a harvest song, a hymn of thanksgiving that “the earth has yielded its increase.” A bountiful harvest is reason for all the people to praise God.


The seasons are a gift from God. The food the earth produces is produced because God has created the fields, provided the seeds, and sent the rains. This is a blessing for all, including those who never plant a seed but still rely on the earth, God’s good creation, to produce for them, too.