Psalm 36

The Word Made Fresh

(To the worship leader. Of David, the LORD’s servant.)

1Doing wrong is buried deep in the hearts of the wicked.
They have no fear of God.
2They tell themselves that their sins will never be discovered.
3The words that come out of their mouths are full of trickery and deceit.
They have long forgotten how to be wise or do good.
4They plan their mischief while lying on their beds.
They are determined to take the wrong path and embrace evil.
5But your love is constant, LORD, and is higher than the heavens.
Your faithfulness is higher than the clouds above.
6Your righteousness is like the highest mountain
and your judgement like the deepest sea.
Animals and people alike are safe with you, LORD.
7Your love is precious and dependable.
Everyone can live in the shadow of your wings.
8Everyone can feast on the abundance of your creation,
and drink from your river of pleasant surprises.
9The fountain of life is with you,
and we see the light only in your light.
10Let your steadfast love continue to all those who know you,
and save all whose hearts are right.
11Don’t let arrogant people walk all over me
or the hands of the wicked push me away.
12Instead, let those who are evil lie prostrate.
Throw them down and don’t let them get back up!


Superscription: the 32nd psalm attributed to David. David is often referred to as “the servant of the LORD” (see for example Psalm 18’s superscription and Psalm 89:3, 20).

1-4: The wicked are described: they have no fear of God; they are constantly flattering themselves; they are full of mischief; they are deceitful; they are foolish; they give in to evil.

5-9: By contrast is the steadfast love and faithfulness of God.

10-12: The psalmist pleads, therefore, for God to uphold those whose lives mirror God’s love and faithfulness, and for the wicked to be barred from harming them.


Whenever we pursue our desires without thought of God’s will and guidance, we are headed for a fall.