Psalm 16

The Word Made Fresh

(A song of David)

1Protect me, O God! I am depending on you!
2I say to you, “You are my LORD,
and nothing good happens without you.”
3Those in the land who are holy are the noble ones,
and I take delight in them.
4Those who worship other gods just make things worse for themselves.
If they bring blood offerings, I will not pour the blood on the altar
or even speak their names.
5Instead, I choose to make my sacrifices to the LORD,
because the LORD holds my future.
6My boundary lines around me are in pleasant places
and I possess a good heritage.
7I honor the LORD who counsels me.
When I am at rest in the night my heart teaches me.
8I constantly acknowledge the LORD who is with me,
for the LORD is my right hand without whom I can do nothing.
9That is why my heart and soul rejoice,
and I am at ease because I am secure.
10For you haven’t given me up to the grave,
nor let your faithful one experience death.
11You have shown me the path my life should follow,
and as long as you are with me I rejoice,
for from your hands are my greatest pleasures.


Superscription: six of the Psalms are called “miktams” in Hebrew. All six of them are “of David.” It is thought that a “miktam” was a certain kind of prayer.

1-2: The nature of the psalm appears at first to be a prayer for protection, and an acknowledgement that only God can provide what is good.

3-4: The psalmist casts his lot with those who worship the LORD and refuses to associate with those who worship other gods.

5-11: The remainder of the psalm is an act of praise and acclaim for all that God does: God provides a good future; offers counsel, protection, and security; reveals the right path; and grants enjoyment of life.


We should regularly thank God for whatever is going on in our lives. When we are in distress, we must trust that God is allowing our circumstance to take place and run its course because there is something we must learn from every situation in life – especially those situations we would not choose for ourselves.