Psalm 132

The Word Made Fresh

(A song of ascent.)

1In David’s favor, LORD,
remember all the hardships he had to endure.
2Remember how he made a promise to you,
the Mighty One of Jacob:
3“I will not enter my house.
I will not recline on my bed.
4I will not sleep or even close my eyes
5until I find a place for the LORD,
the Mighty One of Jacob, to dwell.”
6We heard about this vow in the village of Ephrathah.
In Jaar’s fields people were talking about it.
7They were saying, “Let’s go to God’s house,
and fall on our knees at God’s feet.”
8Rise, LORD, and go to your place of rest,
you and the covenant chest which displays your authority.
9Let your priests put on robes of righteousness.
Let your faithful believers shout for joy.
10For the sake of your servant David,
do not turn away from your anointed one.
11The LORD promised this to David, a promise that is sure:
“I will place one of your own sons on your throne.
12If your sons keep our agreement and the rules I teach them,
their sons shall sit on your throne forevermore.”
13For the LORD has chosen Zion
as the place where God chooses to dwell.
14“This is where I will reside forever,
for this is the place I have wanted.
15I will richly bless this place with abundant provisions.
I will provide its poor with food.
16I will clothe its priests with the garments of salvation,
and the faithful will shout for joy.
17This is where I will provide a supporting cast for David,
and where I will prepare a lamp for the one I have anointed.
18I will clothe his enemies with disgrace,
but the crown will shine brightly on him.”


Superscription: the 13th, and longest, “song of ascent.”

1-5: The opening verses recall the story in 2 Samuel 7 about David desiring to build a temple, having just brought the covenant chest up to Jerusalem. Verses 3-5 ought to be a call to faith for all of us – waste no time in finding a place in your life for God.

6-7: The call goes out that God’s dwelling place has been established, and the people are summoned to worship. Ephrathah is Bethlehem.

8-10: Many commentators date this psalm to the time of Solomon because the words of verses 8 and 9 were spoken by Solomon in his prayer of dedication of the temple (see 2 Chronicles 6:41-42).

11-18: The covenant God made with David is recalled, and the psalm ends with the affirmation that God will bless Zion, the hill on which the temple was built, for all time.


Finding a place for God to dwell is the most important task we can undertake. Does God dwell in your home? Designate a special place in your home where you can go to meditate and simply be in God’s presence for a while.