Psalm 128

The Word Made Fresh

(A song of ascent.)

1Everyone who has respect for the LORD is rewarded,
for they live by God’s guidance.
2They shall enjoy the fruit of their labor.
They shall be happy, and all will go well with them.
3Wives will be like fruitful vines within their homes,
and their children like olive branches around their tables.
4These blessings will accrue to those who respect the LORD.
5May the LORD bless you from Mt. Zion,
and may there be prosperity in Jerusalem all your days.
6May you live to see your children’s children.
May peace rest upon Israel.


Superscription: the 9th “song of ascent.”

1-6: The benefits of living in obedience to God are listed in this little psalm. To be sure, it is a patriarchal hymn that upholds the large family as the epitome of blessedness, but the time and place in which it was written was a time and place that supported such a sentiment. Look beyond that to the rest of the psalm which claims for the faithful success in their labors (not great wealth, we notice, but diligent work does put food on the table), the prosperity of the community, and long life.


What things are you thankful for? Can you identify ways that God has blessed you and your family through the years? Give thanks!