Psalm 125

The Word Made Fresh

(A song of ascent.)

1Those who trust the LORD are like Mt. Zion,
which can’t be moved but stands forever.
2Like the mountains surrounding Jerusalem,
the LORD surrounds God’s people now and always.
3The shadow of the wicked will not come to rest
over the land that is given to the righteous,
so, the righteous will never feel the need
to do wrong.
4Lord, be good to those who are good,
and to everyone whose heart is upright.
5But banish the evildoers, those who leave the right path
to pursue their own wicked ways.
Let Israel have peace!


Superscription: the 6th “song of ascent.”

1-5: Mount Zion was more than just the address of the temple, and more than just a landmark to travelers on the long road. It became a symbol for the steadfastness of God, and that is what is celebrated in this psalm. The last two verses echo a sentiment we have seen often in the psalms: a prayer that God will reward the righteous and punish the wicked. This is more than a cry for justice; it is an acknowledgment that wickedness threatens the very existence of the nation, indeed of creation itself.


We should raise a prayer that God will thwart the plans of wicked people, because when their plans succeed, others – including God’s faithful believers – are placed in harm’s way.