Psalm 123

The Word Made Fresh

(A psalm of ascent.)

1I look above to you who are on your throne in heaven,
2just as a servant watches for his master
or a maid her mistress.
I look for the LORD, watching for God’s kindness.
3Have mercy on us, LORD!
Have mercy because we have been scorned enough.
4We have had more than enough contempt
from the proud rich people.


Superscription: the 4th “song of ascent.”

1-4: This is truly the psalm of the poor. The petitioners look to God as those who are accustomed to looking up at authority. They cry to God for relief from the scorn of those who are socially above them. Why is it that those who have more than enough so often view with contempt those who have little?


Never forget that every living soul is just as much in need of God’s love as every other living soul, and just as much loved by God. No one is more important to God than anyone else.