Psalm 103

The Word Made Fresh

(Of David.)

1Praise the LORD, O my soul!
I will praise the name of the LORD with all my strength.
2Praise the LORD, O my soul,
and do not forget all the blessings from the LORD –
3who forgives all your sins,
heals all your diseases,
4rescues your life from the grave,
places a crown of steadfast love and mercy on you,
5and rewards you with good things your whole life so that,
like the eagle, you feel young again.
6The LORD vindicates and justifies all those who are oppressed,
7as was made known to Moses and the people of Israel.
8The LORD is a God of mercy and grace,
whose anger is not easily aroused and whose love is abounding.
9God will not always be the accuser,
nor be angry forever,
10for God does not deal with us only on the basis of our sins,
nor even hold us accountable for all our mistakes.
11God’s constant love toward those who believe
is as great as the heavens are high above the earth
12and as far as the east is from the west –
that is how far our sins are removed from us.
13The LORD loves us as much as any father loves his children.
14God remembers that we were made from the dust of the earth,
15and we mortals are like the grass of the fields,
and like the wildflowers blooming there –
16the wind blows over them and soon they are gone
and remembered no more.
17But the dependable love of the LORD for us who believe
lasts forever, even to our children’s children,
18for all who honor the LORD’s agreement with us
and remember to obey all the LORD’s commandments.
19The LORD’s throne is permanently set in the heavens,
and the LORD’s kingdom includes everyone.
20So, praise the LORD, angels!
Praise the LORD, you who are strong
and obedient to the LORD’s word!
21Sing praises, you servants who minister before the LORD!
22Praise all that the LORD has done everywhere in creation!
Praise the LORD, O my soul!


Superscription: David’s 58th. There are several verses in this psalm that many churchgoers can recite from memory.

1-5: Good things come from God: forgiveness, healing, redemption, steadfast love, mercy, the satisfactions of life.

6-14: God’s patience is remembered from the time of Moses. The story of Moses was a strong source of assurance for the people of Israel all through their history. God’s presence with the people in the wilderness is remembered as a demonstration of God’s patience, compassion and slow temper.

15-18: Unlike human friends who may come and go, God is steadfast and dependable. There is a proviso, however: God’s best attributes are enjoyed only by those “who obey all the LORD’s commandments.”

19-22: God is pictured on a throne high above the earth, and a four-fold praise of God ensues – by the angels, the heavenly host, creation, and finally, “my soul.”


We often forget that we are God’s creation, and God’s people, and all the good things we experience in this life are gifts from God who loves us beyond anything we can deserve or earn. So, praise and bless the LORD every day in your prayers and in your decisions and in the way you honor others with truth and good will.