1 Peter (day 1152-1156)

1 Peter 1 (day 1152) 25 February 2013 1-2: As with James and Hebrews the authorship of 1 Peter is uncertain. There is little internal evidence to his identity. He identifies himself as an apostle in the first verse, and as an elder in the church and as one who witnessed the crucifixion (5:1). He… Continue reading 1 Peter (day 1152-1156)

James (day 1147-1151)

James 1 (day 1147) 20 February 2013           1: The very first verse of James presents problems for the Biblical scholar. Ancient tradition ascribes the letter (sermon?) to James the brother of Jesus, although there are arguments that “brother” may mean “half brother” or “cousin” or even simply “a member of the church.” Another theory… Continue reading James (day 1147-1151)

Hebrews (day 1134-1146)

Hebrews 1 (day 1134) 7 February 2013           The letter to the Hebrews does not read like a letter, but more like a sermon. We don’t know who wrote it; Paul, Barnabas, Silas, Priscilla, Apollos all have their fans. We don’t know to whom it was written or from where it was composed. At some… Continue reading Hebrews (day 1134-1146)

Philemon (day 1133)

Philemon 1 (day 1133) 6 February 2013           1-3: The letter is from Paul and Timothy to Philemon, Apphia and Archippus. Timothy we know. Philemon is only mentioned in this letter, nowhere else; the same with Apphia. Archippus, however, is mentioned elsewhere. In the letter to the Colossians Paul closes with, “Tell Archippus to complete… Continue reading Philemon (day 1133)

Titus (day 1130-1132)

Titus 1 (day 1130) 3 February 2013           1-4: Paul’s introduction of himself in Titus is longer than in his other letters. He sees himself as the God-appointed defender of the true faith. Titus, like Timothy, was one of Paul’s most faithful companions and helpers. Paul refers to him in verse 4 as “my loyal… Continue reading Titus (day 1130-1132)