1 Corinthians (day 1063-1078)

1 Corinthians 1 (day 1063) 28 November 2012 1-3: Corinth, located on the isthmus between Greece and the Peloponnesus, was the “sin city” of Paul’s day. It was a major trading center, the Corinthian Gulf to the north and Saronic Gulf to the southeast providing ships with safe navigation away from the open sea. The… Continue reading 1 Corinthians (day 1063-1078)

Romans (day 1047-1062)

Romans 1 (day 1047) 12 November 2012           There are 22 books remaining in the Bible, and 21 of them are letters (though a couple of them read more like sermons). The majority of scholars accept the traditional designation of Romans as a genuine letter of Paul’s. It is dictated by Paul to a companion… Continue reading Romans (day 1047-1062)