Luke (day 974-997)

Luke 1 (day 974) 31 August 2012 1-4: The author does not reveal his name, but it has been ascribed to Luke the physician (see Colossian 4:14, 2 Timothy 4:11, Philemon 1:24) since the early days of the church. In recent centuries more attention has probably been given to the identity of Theophilus. The name… Continue reading Luke (day 974-997)

Mark (day 958-973)

Mark 1 (day 958) 15 August 2012 1-8: Mark’s gospel begins with the mission of John the baptizer at the Jordan River, skipping over Jesus’ childhood altogether. Mark’s gospel is characterized by urgency. He uses the word “immediately” 28 times (compared to 12 in Matthew, 13 in Luke and 2 in John). John’s announcement in… Continue reading Mark (day 958-973)