Matthew (day 930-957)

Matthew 1 (day 930) 18 July 2012              1: The book itself does not claim to be the work of Matthew. It came to be accepted as “the gospel according to Matthew” as it circulated through the church in the early second century. I like to translate this verse, “A record of the life of… Continue reading Matthew (day 930-957)

Malachi (day 926-929)

Malachi 1 (day 926) 14 July 2012              1: Scholars tend to date Malachi somewhere around 450 B.C., after the exiles have returned to Jerusalem and rebuilt the temple. It is a time when Jerusalem and Judah are part of a relatively minor Persian administrative district; the reference to “governor” rather than “king” lends credence… Continue reading Malachi (day 926-929)