Ezekiel (day 803-850)

Ezekiel 1 (day 803) 13 March 2012             1-3: Fasten your seat belt; you’re in for a pretty wild ride compared to the prophets we’ve read so far. Ezekiel is among the exiles in Babylon. The river Chebar was actually a canal, part of an intricate system that watered the area around the capital. Scholars… Continue reading Ezekiel (day 803-850)

Lamentations (day 798-802)

Lamentations 1 (day 798) 8 March 2012             Tradition has it that this lament is the work of Jeremiah, and the early Greek translation known as the Septuagint added a line at the beginning of the book attributing it to Jeremiah (“Jeremiah sat weeping and lamented this lamentation over Jerusalem”). Modern scholars debate the authenticity… Continue reading Lamentations (day 798-802)