Isaiah (day 680-745)

Isaiah 1 (Day 680) 11 November 2011        1: We come now to the second longest book in the Bible, and to the first of the purely prophetic books. The book of Isaiah covers a long period of time. The chronology presented in verse 1 has him prophesying in the southern kingdom of Judah for… Continue reading Isaiah (day 680-745)

Song of Songs (day 672-679)

The Song of Songs 1 (Day 672) 3 November 2011             1: Solomon is said to have composed 3000 proverbs and 1005 songs (1 Kings 4:32). The Song of Songs is a lyrical romantic poem which tells the story of a love affair between a man and a woman, consisting of several encounters described unabashedly.… Continue reading Song of Songs (day 672-679)