Numbers (days 118-153)

Day 118: Numbers 1             Welcome to the exciting book of Numbers!             In the first chapter the tribes are numbered by census. That is, all the men available for battle (age 20-60) are counted. Why count only those who are able to bear arms? God is preparing them to conquer the land promised to… Continue reading Numbers (days 118-153)

Leviticus (day 91 – day 117)

Leviticus 1 (day 91)             1-2: But the Israelites won’t actually leave Mt. Sinai until the 12th chapter of the book of Numbers. There are lots more rules to cover and lots more arrangement to be made before they are ready to continue their journey. The book of Leviticus is that book of rules. The… Continue reading Leviticus (day 91 – day 117)